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3" 2 Natural Bamboo Nesting Trays


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3" 2 Natural Bamboo Nesting Trays

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Provide distinctiveness to your party with a set of charming bamboo nesting trays. These trays are made from high grade natural bamboo. They’re as environment friendly as they get. Not to mention that they’re sturdier and more durable than their counterparts made from regular wood. If you wanted something both beautiful and functional, these trays are for you. As for measurements, they are 3′ for height, 24′ for width, and 15.4′ for depth, and it weighs 6 pounds. These trays are ideal for serving breakfast, dinner, wine, or just anything else, and will make your meal look that much more elegant.

Proposition 65 warning: Wood Dust
Case Pack: 1
Color: Natural
Material: Bamboo
Number Of Cartons: 1
Total Carton Weight ( lbs. ): 11
Total Carton Length ( in. ): 24

Additional information

Weight11 lbs

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