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3pc Kitchen Shear Set


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3pc Kitchen Shear Set

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3-piece Kitchen Shear Set will change the way you make your favorite meals. Featuring our Heavy-duty Butcher Shears All-purpose Kitchen Shears and Fast-prep Herb Shears this premium set simplifies every stage of cooking. Each distinct pair saves time cuts down on cleaning and makes cooking more enjoyable. The Heavy-duty Butcher Shears? serrated blades internal spring and power notch make it easy to power through thick bones and meat. For all your everyday cutting needs call on the can-do attitude of the durable and versatile All-purpose Kitchen Shears. For finer mincing and snipping discover the precise spring-loaded speed of the Fast-prep Herb Shears. All designs feature extra-sharp stainless-steel blades and ergonomic handles with Softgrip touchpoints for comfortable control. For extra easy cleanup enjoy great features like take-apart blades and dishwasher-safe designs.

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