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Acu Wrls 00986A2 Fridge Therm


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Acu Wrls 00986A2 Fridge Therm


AcuRite Wireless Fridge Freezer Thermometer prevents food spoilage and protecst against food borne illnesses by storing foods at safe temperatures. The bold easy to read LCD screen displays the current temperatures inside your fridge and freezer and the maximum / minimum temperatures recorded for each. Programmable alarm notifies you audibly and visually when temperatures exceed your pre-set minimum / maximum temperature range. Display features a magnetic backing to stick on the fridge or stands upright for countertop use. The two remote sensors feature powerful wireless technology wireless signal indicator light and versatile mounting options including an integrated suction cup or spring-loaded clip. One-year limited warranty

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Weight1 lbs

Chaney Instruments






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