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BD Vitessa AdvIron Crd Reel Gn


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BD Vitessa AdvIron Crd Reel Gn

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BLACK+DECKER is speeding up garment care with the Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron. The Even Steam soleplate design produces more consistent steam flow from heel to tip for fast professional results. SmartSteam Technology combines steam and temperature controls into one easy-to-use dial. The convenient cord reel unwinds and retracts in no time for easy use and storage. Plus this iron delivers powerful bursts of steam to aggressively take out wrinkles and can even be used vertically to quickly touch-up clothes on the hanger. SmartSteam Technology – Take the guesswork out of ironing. SmartSteam technology was engineered to give you the optimal soleplate temperature and steam level for every garment in one easy dial. TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate – The nonstick soleplate offers 2x smoother3 gliding over fabrics to quickly remove wrinkles big and small. Cord Reel – The spring-loaded cord unwinds and retracts quickly for easy use and storage. 3-Way Auto Shutoff – Get peace of mind from motion-sensitive technology that shuts off the iron if it’s not in use for eight minutes on the heel and 30 seconds on the soleplate and sides. Burst of Steam – One button lets you quickly blast away tough wrinkles with the burst of steam function Spray Mist – The push-button mister applies the right amount of moisture for quick wrinkle removal. Even Steam Soleplate Design – Engineered to provide a more even flow of steam from heel to tip enabling you to quickly tame wrinkles anywhere on your garment2. Vs BLACK+DECKER IR08x standard iron with standard soleplate. Green.

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