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Brentwood Appliances 1,000-Watt Single Electric Burner


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Product Overview

  • Even heat distribution
  • Adjustable heat
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Easy to clean
  • Power indicator light
  • Nonslip feet
  • 1,000 watts
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes electric burner and instruction manual
  • White
  • Length: 10.00″
  • Width: 4.00″
  • Height: 10.00″

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Brentwood Appliances 1,000-Watt Single Electric Burner

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Ever need an extra burner during holiday cooking? Having company and need to keep something warm? Do crafts and not want to mess up your kitchen? The Better Chef Electric Countertop Range is just the ticket! This burner features an adjustable temperature thermostat control to ensure you cook your next great meal at just the right temperature. This cooktop will add a sleek look to your kitchen.

Additional information

Weight2.88 lbs







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