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Dark Mocha Natural Bamboo Butcher Block


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Dark Mocha Natural Bamboo Butcher Block

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Kychen Dark Mocha Natural Bamboo Butcher Block

Thick, durable, spacious, and elegant, thick butcher block is just as ideal for preparing food as it is for serving it. Measures 19.5″ long, 11.75″ wide, and is 2″ thick.

Why You’ll Love It: A deep shade of mocha and decorated with an exquisite parquet grain design, this bamboo butcher block makes a striking and fully-functional addition to any kitchen. In addition

Why Do Bamboo?

Unlike nearly every other cutting board surface used today, bamboo is a wood that is both hard and dense. The outstanding hardness resists knife scars and tough food stains, and the high density resists water absorption. This pristine, dry wood surface that bamboo provides cuts down on bacteria’s ability to grow and on warping and cracking. It’s nearly maintenance free, and will maintain for years with just a simple wash and wipe dry.

Did You Know?

Bamboo is a grass! Hardy in a wide variety of environments and growing conditions, the wood is fully mature and ready to harvest within 3-6 years. Compare this with maple wood, which can take over 30 years to mature, and it’s plain to see how this quick growth cycle makes bamboo one of the most sustainable and Earth-friendly wood choices out there.


Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Wipe dry. Do not clean in the dishwasher. Treat and condition dryness with mineral oil.

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