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Digital 4.2 Qt. Air Fryer


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Digital 4.2 Qt. Air Fryer

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Fry with little or no oil for delicious fried food without the added fat. The digital AirDaddy electric air fryer makes french fries with up to 75% less fat. It also roasts grills and bakes. The large digital touch screen lets you set the temperature up to 400 and the time up to 60 minutes or choose from popular presets for fries meat fish and chicken. AirDaddy? utilizes a convection cooking system to circulate hot air in every direction for foods that are crispy outside and tender inside. BULLETS: 1.) Large removable 4.2-quart basket for family-size batches. 2.) Menu guide shows cooking times and temperatures for popular foods. 3.) Cool-touch exterior. 4.) Pan and basket are fully immersible for cleaning.

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