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Drink Tops MOD, Large, Pack of 4


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Drink Tops MOD, Large, Pack of 4

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Outdoor living is better than ever with Drink Tops!

Drink Tops drink covers keep flies, wasps, and other pests out of your cups and glasses. Our innovative “Tap & Seal” design gently suctions to glasses, which locks in aromas that attract bugs, helps drinks stay cool longer, and stops liquids from splashing over the rim. Drink Tops come in four bold, modern colors — Blue, Berry, Green, and Pink — that help them also serve as drink markers. What’s more, Drink Tops can also be used as a small plate, coaster, or food cover. Perfect for a refreshing lemonade, a glass of wine, or a margarita.

Drink Tops are made of food-grade silicone that is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and extremely durable. Measuring 4″ wide, a Drink Top will fit most glasses up to four inches wide.

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