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Indoor Ele Smoker Slow Cooker


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Indoor Ele Smoker Slow Cooker


Make your favorite smoked food indoors right on your kitchen counter with the Presto Indoor Electric Smoker and slow cooker. Infuse authentic smokehouse flavor quickly and easily into meats poultry fish seafood and vegetables. Soft-touch controls on the digital touchpad let you select cold smoke hot smoke or a combination of both as well as modes for slow cooking and keep warm for ultimate versatility. . Smoke delicious ribs beef brisket turkey breast salmon pizza cheese eggs salsa nuts and more. Digital timer with alarm counts down the remaining smoking/cooking times and automatically shuts smoker off at the end of cooking time. BULLETS: 1.) Presto Electric Smoker works indoors right on your kitchen counter! 2.) Doubles as a slow cooker. 3.) Select cold smoke hot smoke or a combination; as well as slow cook and keep warm. 4.) Nonstick pot is dishwasher safe.

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