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Japanese Style Chef Knife Sushi


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Japanese Style Chef Knife Sushi

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Feature: 1. they come are not only impressively durable and sharp, but absolutely beautiful. With the blade wrapped in all black, sleek titanium coating, and rose-gold plated bolster2. Made from some of the best, most high-quality materials available, these knives can slice and dice their way through any food you throw at them. Derived from stainless steel with a jet-black titanium coating, these knives for chefs and home cooks are super sharp and will maintain their razor-life edge for a long time.3. What makes these dicing and mincing knives superior to our competitor is that the handle is made from polypropylene and rubber, allowing for a firm gripPackaging(only one knife):1x 5 inch Utility Knife

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Weight1 lbs



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