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Nesco Infrared Turkey Rotisserie


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Product Overview

  • 1,420W; Innovative Roast-Ryte(TM) technology
  • Cooks up to an 18lb turkey in 2 hours
  • Adjustable digital timer with auto-off function
  • Auto turkey program & manual programming for additional cooking options
  • Electronic controlled infrared heating elements with high/low heat option
  • Center heating element with on/off option for uniform cooking inside & out
  • Removable cooking stand & drip tray for easy cleanup
  • Stainless steel construction & nonstick Interior
  • Glass viewing cover & easy-grip side handles
  • Includes 1 rack
  • Length: 20.60″
  • Width: 20.50″
  • Height: 16.60″
  • Note: Ship only in the US

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Nesco Infrared Turkey Rotisserie

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Perfectly cook a juicy turkey faster than you thought possible with the NESCO High-Speed Turkey Roaster in Black! A fresh take on a traditional electric roaster, this model has an upright design and uses infrared heating elements that cook your bird evenly and quickly. A center heating element cooks the meat from the inside out while outer elements sear the skin and cook from the outside. The unique cooking method produces a juicy, browned turkey in two hours or less – much faster than a conventional oven!

Oversized to accommodate up to an 18-lb bird, you’ll be free to cook any size turkey you want. Add this fast-cooking roaster to your kitchen and roasting a turkey will be so fast and easy, it will become a year-round favorite! Unique upright design Innovative Roast-Ryte™ Technology: uses infrared heating elements to evenly cook your turkey. Center heating element cooks the bird from the inside out while outer elements brown skin and cook from the outside.

Easy-to-read control panel with a digital timer 120-minute cooking program and manual programming for more cooking options. Electronically controlled heating elements with high/low heat option. Clear glass lid lets you keep an eye on your turkey without having to remove the lid and let heat escape.

Cooks an 18-lb bird in 2 hours Drip tray collects juices for making gravy. Can accommodate a turkey up to 18-lbs. The removable cooking stand and drip tray are dishwasher-safe. Perfect for cooking turkeys, chickens, and roasts. Allow for oil-free cooking.

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