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PanGogh Griddle Pancake ArtKit


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PanGogh Griddle Pancake ArtKit


Create your own pancake art with the PanGogh pancake art griddle. Pancake art kit includes a cool-touch griddle with nonstick coating two fine-tipped and two standard-tipped batter bottles and a double-sided nonstick pancake art template (lion and ice cream cone template included). Griddle features a canvas-colored nonstick cooking surface and four-sided cool-touch surround that doubles as a frame for your pancake art. Simply fill in a template with colored pancake batter. BULLETS: 1.) Nonstick templates and four batter bottles help you create colorful pancake designs. 2.) Griddle is also great for eggs french toast cottage fries and grilled cheese. 3.) Griddle and templates are fully immersible and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 4.) Additional pancake art templates sold separately at This product is intended for use only by persons 13 years of age and older.

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