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Strauss 4 Qts Asparagus Cooker Set


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Product Overview

3 pcs (4 Qrts) Asparagus Cooker Set -18/10 Stainless steel
Extra thick capsule bottom
Efficient and even heat transfer
Inside volume graduation
Tempered glass lid
Suitable for all cook tops
Dishwasher and oven safe
6.5″ – 16cm wide

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Strauss 4 Qts Asparagus Cooker Set

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3 pcs (4 Qrts) Asparagus Cooker Set – The stainless-steel steamer rack slips into the pot and has a handle so it may be taken out quickly when the foods done. The vented see-through lid and shining stainless-steel pot have wide loop handles. Asparagus can be difficult to cook. The tips cook much sooner than the stalks. Laying the vegetable flat will overcook the tips. This Stainless Steel Asparagus Cooker set is your answer. Triple-ply 3 mm bottom with an aluminum core plate for excellent heat conduction. The sandwich bottom consist of 2 stamps of 18/10 stainless with a aluminum plate in-between them for even distribution of heat. Lifetime warranty.


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