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VIOMI DF01 6.6L 1500W Electric Fast Instant Heating Electric Water Heater For Kitchen and Bathroom From XIAOMI Youpin


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VIOMI DF01 6.6L 1500W Electric Fast Instant Heating Electric Water Heater For Kitchen and Bathroom From XIAOMI Youpin

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Description : 

VIOMI From XIAOMI Youpin DF01 Electric Fast Instant Heating Electric Water Heater For Kitchen And BathroomIt heats water as the water passes thru the unit, instead of storing hot water like a tank type water heater. This Instant Hot Water Heater can be mounted under the kitchen and bathroom sink for washing dishes, food, clothes, faces, taking a shower and other functions. Easy to solve the hot water demands of your family!Feature  :● The turbine stabilivolt with non-metal heating, so you can use the hot water as you like● 1500W output tankless electric water heater eliminates long time waiting● Constant temperature maintains the optimal water temperature for you● Mini body, energy saving, and high efficiency● Multiple security protections: leakage protection, IPX4 waterproof, dry heating protection, water-electricity isolation, auto power-off at over-heated or inactive state● Easy to install under the bathroom or kitchen sinkSpeciation :

General Specification
  Brand  VIOMI
  Model  DF01
  Color  White
  The Tank Material  Enamel
  NOTE : We will send the correct Plug Adapter that suitable for the country in the shipping address  
Technical Parameters
  Power Supply  AC 220V~  50Hz
  Power Consumption  1500W
  Capacity  6L
  Operation Type  Knob
  Maximum Water  Temperature  75℃
  Power Cord Length  57in ( 1.45m )
  Output Water Type  Up way
  Rated Pressure  0.7MPa
  Waterproof rate  IP×4

Package Includes :1 x Xiaomi VIOMI DF01 Electric Water Heater1 x Hanging Accessories2 x Screw1 x Sluice1 x Pipe Weep1 x User Manual

Common Q&As :Q : What is the difference between VIOMI water heater and other similar products?A : There are anti-electric wall design, voltage can drop below to 12V.If the product has a leakage condition, the indicator will turn red alarm.Also the product uses antibacterial liner.Q : What’s kind of heating technology VIOMI water heater use?A : This product uses a 316L stainless steel tube with good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. The inside of the electric heating tube is filled with magnesium oxide powder, and the water and electricity are separated when heated to effectively prevent electric shock.Q : What’s VIOMI water heater power consumption it? What is the power consumption when not in use?A : This product will lose a certain amount of electricity when heated,if we not use the power will use 0.53KW.Q : Is it can use tap water?A : Yes. it is .Q : Does the water heater dry when the water tank is empty?A : When the tank is empty, it is can not use .If not it is will break.Q : How to set the water temperature?A : You can according to the picture make it .The water temperature betwen 30℃ to 75℃ no steps.Q : How the capacity of heating water? : The maximum temperature is 75℃. It is can meet our daily use .Q : Why hot water does not come out ?A : Please check whether the water supply system is stopped or the water pressure is too low and check whether the water valve is open.Q : Why there are cold water not hot water and indicator light is not bright?A  : Please check if there is a power failure or no power.Or temperature design is too low.Q : Why the machine sound abnormally during use?A : 1. A sound similar to the boiling water of a kettle during heating of the machine is a normal phenomenon.     2.Safety valve whistles because the water line and the safety valve vibrate at the same frequency.Please change safety valve.

Additional information

Weight18.88 lbs





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